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lumbar support pillow for office chair


    • ADJUSTABLE SUPPORT:Built-in adjustable lumbar cushion can be inflated or deflated to suit personal preference, and can facilitate regular changes in posture to help alleviate stress
    • SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN BACK SUPPORT:Scientifically proven to decrease pressure on your back by up to 35%
    • FULL RANGE BACK SUPPORT:Lumbar cushion also adjusts vertically for a full range of support from the thoracic to the lumbar regions
    • LONG TERM COMFORT:Hand pump inflates or deflates the lumbar pad to refresh lower back when sitting for long periods.
    • ENGINEERED FOR COMFORT:The impact resistant polycarbonate structure covered in soft and durable polyurethane foam conforms to the natural spinal curvature
    • USE ANYWHERE:Lightweight and portable for easy to add back support to any chair in the home, office, or in the car
    • Endorsed by the Canadian Chiropractic Association