• Make your ObusForme® Lowback Backrest Support look brand new again
  • Only available in black, but compatible with:
    • Obusforme Lowback Backrest Support LB-BLK-CB

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Obusforme backrest support cover is compatible with obusforme lowback backrest support LB-BLK-CB model. It can be used to give a new look to old obusforme and increase utility for lower back lumbar support. The obusforme lowback backrest support replacement cover allows portability with accommodative hand. It can be carried to office, car, or home for back support for lower back. Premium and innovative design of obusforme lower backrest enhances lower back posture support while travelling, reading, and sitting all-day in office. Cover lowback replacement is ergonomically aligned to body and maximizes comfort, improves posture, helps prevent sprain, and aids recovery.


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