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ObusMedical: A new product division of ObusForme with a focus on the professional medical care industry.
ObusEssentials: A new product division of ObusForme with a focus on cost conscious products for the consumer industry.

A premium brand within HoMedics’ wellness group that targets the professional and consumer markets. ObusForme brand is a global leader in ergonomics with a passion for developing innovative products that maximize comfort, improve posture, help prevent injury and aid in recovery.

From our original, award-winning ObusForme® Lowback Backrest Support to the latest in pillows, mattresses and massage products, ObusForme is committed to creating products that have been “Engineered For The Human Body”. Click here to see a list of products endorsed by the Canadian Chiropractic Association.

ObusForme Roots

In 1970, Frank Roberts, an industrial designer, injured his back playing tennis. He was rushed to the hospital. This was not the first time he had suffered back pain but it was certainly the worst.

Discovering in the treatment process that the combination of immobilizing and resting the spine relieve the pain. He needed a device that would allow him to sit up comfortably and to that end he decided to design a light-weight, supportive backrest to hold the back muscles and spine at rest.

In collaboration, he designed a portable backrest brace out of fiberglass. It could support the spine in any chair, car seat, or bed. In 1980, production began on his final design.

He named it and his company ObusForme.

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